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Traditionally Curvy - Damask and Scrollwork

I was online the other other day mindlessly looking at wallpaper and I came across this charming grey scroll work wallpaper and it made me pause.

I started to wonder if it was possible to decorate a room with the same continuous pattern or design without it overwhelming the space. I thought the scroll pattern used in the wallpaper would be a great example. You can easily find furniture and home decor accessories featuring scrolls. They come in a variety of styles and materials and tend to have a traditional and rustic appeal. It doesn't matter if it is made from metal or wood you can mix it all together and still have a cohesive space. 
Would you consider using one design element consistently throughout your home?

Traditionally Curvy - Damask and Scrollwork by latoyacl featuring grey throw pillows

Brewster Home Fashion Ambrosia Damask Wallpaper (Buy Here)
Durand Chandelier (Buy Here)
Samia Mirror (Buy Here)
Andrew Martin Athos Chesterfield Sofa (Buy Here)
Zoeppritz Medium Grey Fleece Cush…

Halloween 2016 - Creepy Crawler Costume

It is that time of year again when everything gets spook-tacular! Halloween is right around the corner and today's set is perfect for the occasion. I only became enamored with the holiday after I became an adult. I grew up in a very strict conservative christian household so as kids we were not allowed to dress up in costumes or go trick-or-treating. Which really sucked since we could never participate in the festivities with all of our friends and I really was upset because I have a sweet tooth and on the one day of the year when you can get a ton of candy for free I was missing out. So as soon as me and my sisters reached adulthood we always had fun buying or making our most creative costumes and hitting the club scene or a house party and had a fantastic time. Now as I have grown into adulthood the newness of being able to participate in the festivities have worn off and I only go out if I receive a personal invite from a friend to attend a party. Now the conundrum is what do I…

Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2016 - The Accessories Edition

When I think about things that represents fall fashion what comes to mind is velvet, embellishments, brocade, embroidery and jewel tones. Miu Miu by Miuccia Prada touched on all of those things in her fall/winter collection. Her collection showcased lush fabrics that were soft to the touch and they were gilded and ornate. My favorite offerings were her must have accessories that I would love to adorn myself with.

Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2016 - The Accessories Edition by latoyacl featuring Miu Miu

Miu Miu Rebels Crystal Flower Clip Earrings (Buy Here)
Miu Miu Crystal Embellished Velvet Cross Body Bag (Buy Here) 
Miu Miu Embellished Leather and Velvet Platform Sandals (Buy Here)

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Below are a few more of my favorite finds from the collection! 

Art of the Day - Jessica Levaton

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My Favorite Spike Accessories - The 2016 Gold Edition

Spikes ... I do not know what it is about a thin pointed piece of metal adorning accessories and clothing that is so intriguing to me. They obviously catch your attention. I mean that is exactly it's purpose and right now I'm loving the gold spikes that have been everywhere from the runways to your local stores. I know when people think of spikes they imagine the more extreme punk and tribal versions like my inspiration image below but they can be quite tame when paired with the right accessory or article of clothing.

In today's accessories set I have gathered together a few of my favorite gold spike accessories straight from the runways. These fantastic finds can serve as great inspiration and are great ways to incorporate gold spikes into your everyday wardrobe.

My Favorite Spike Accessories - The 2016 Gold Edition by latoyacl featuring gucci shoes

Venna Zircon Spike Fedora Hat (Buy Here)
Alexis Bittar Spiked Crystal Stud Earrings (Buy Here)
Gucci Ring With Double Glass Pearl…

Art of the Day - Israel Parra-Zanabria

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Hollywood and Fashion Style Stars - My 12 Best Dressed 10/14/16


Art of the Day - Viet Ha Tran

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My 7 Favorite Scarves/Wraps For Fall 2016

I'm simply elated with these cool and flowy fall scarves! From smart plaids to fabulous shimmer, pretty paisley and girly florals, you're sure to find a wrap to suit your personal style.  Whether layered for warmth , floating sheer over a sexy dress, or wrapping your tresses against the fall chill, a scarf may be the simplest way to transform your look.

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Hot Like Fire

Today's post is for all of my beauty mavens who loves to experiment with a new look. The most talked about makeup trend on the runway this season was the all over color trend. Which is basically choosing one shade and using it all over your face, and the designers were bold this time around showcasing vibrant shades like the red hue featured in today's set. This look is easy to replicate. Make sure the rest of your face is flawless with concealer, foundation and setting powder. You need a blank and smooth canvas to execute this trend and to highlight the vibrant color. Use a little eyebrow gel to tame your brows and to help make your eyes pop. Now for the last step if you do not want to buy red eye shadow just for this look you can use a creamy red blush or a lip/cheek stain and apply the color to your lids and lips.  WARNING: Make sure to skip blush on your cheeks with this look or you will look like a hot mess! It will be color overload. APPLICATION TIP: If red is too bold for…