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Style Insider - Make It Strappy

I have a weird fascination with straps. I love how they can embellish, shape, constrict, push up or tie down whatever it is attached to. Just one well placed strap can change the whole vibe of an outfit. It can turn something dowdy into a sexy creation, or edge up an otherwise ho drum look. Today's outfit of the day is showing different ways straps can enhance your wardrobe. In this outfit I'm combining three different ways to showcase the trend. The most common way is to rock a clutch bag with a strap. It is a great way to add versatility to your bag and easily transitions from day to night. Another way to add something strappy to your look is a great pair of heels. Not only do they offer additional ankle support but are pleasing to the eye as well. Last but not least, and my favorite way to rock something strappy is by wearing a pretty halter top. The halter top I featured below is most definitely straptastic (totally not a word) and adds a more modern and sexy vibe to this …

Art of the Day - Karen Clark

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Rock That Summer Breeze With A Striped Shirt Dress ( My 5 Favorite Blue And White Stripe Shirt Dresses)

A legitimate style concern in the summer is what to wear when the temps are soaring but you still need to look chic and well put together. The perfect style solution is a shirt dress. What I love most about shirt dresses is that they borrow the best details from menswear. They also tend to be cut a bit looser so you can wear it unadorned or belted at the waist. Button fronts and a forgiving fit makes them flattering on most body types. Right now I'm really digging them in blue and white. The color combination is cool, crisp and charming.

Rock That Summer Breeze With A Striped Shirt Dress by latoyacl featuring ankle strap shoes

Striped Shirt Dress (No Longer Available) 
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Shirt dresses are chic and timeless. Here a few more below to consider. 

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Decorate Your Home With Modern Art And Sculptural Furniture

I can appreciate homes with a modern aesthetic because they highlight great design and can be a great space to showcase art. Art seems to shine and take center stage in these types of spaces because of the emphasis on minimalist design. You do not have anything distracting you from the focal point. There are no extra frills or knick knacks filling up every available square inch and you end up with a functional and uncluttered space. Everything serves a purpose in modern design but that doesn't mean it has to be utilitarian and cold. That is why I appreciated this modern living room decorated by interior designer Tristan Auer.
He created a blank canvas by painting the walls, ceiling and cabinetry white. He added visual interest by using strategically placed pops of color throughout the room. He also kept things interesting with structural furniture made of metal, wood and marble.
Since most of us can not hire a designer like Mr. Auer to decorate our home I decided to showcase a few p…

Beauty Forecast - Sunny And Bright

When it comes to makeup I love bold splashes of color. Especially when the color has been layered properly and you can see the beautiful depth of color. Now-a-days all over social media you can see so many people sharing beautiful and bold makeup creations that showcases their creativity, and it can really be inspiring to look at even if it might not be your style. Today's makeup look is a creation I found on Tumblr, but it did not list any credits. So unfortunately I do not know who the model is or the talented makeup artist. It didn't even list the products used. So I decided to try to figure out on my own what products you could use to recreate the look. The best thing about the products I picked is that almost all of them except for the Tarte mascara is under $10. 
So tell me what bold makeup trends are you excited about this season?

Beauty Forecast - Sunny And Bright by latoyacl featuring a liquid foundation

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Milani Conceal + Perfect Foundation (B…

Hollywood and Fashion Style Stars - My 5 Best Dressed 8/21/16

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Art of the Day - Titti Garelli

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Nautical Style

I have always been a fan of nautical style. That may explain why I covet anything with stripes. I used to have this weird obsession with being a sailor when I was a child. So it is no surprise now that I am an adult I love anything nautical, rope details, navy blue, stripes, cursing and tattoos. Sigh ... tattoos another one of my obsessions. My back is covered with them. I have about 6 or maybe it's 7 now and I still want more, but I digress let me get back on track. 

Where were we ... oh yes nautical style. What's not to love? It is a classic and timeless style that has held up well over the past couple of centuries. 

The reason the style has endured is because it represents chic and elegant sophistication. I do not know anyone who doesn't find that appealing.

Nautical Style by latoyacl featuring mirror sunglasses

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MICHAEL Michael Kor…

Art of the Day - Robert Bubel

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My 8 Faves From The Alice + Oliva S/S 2016 Colection

For the spring/summer collection designer Stacey Bendet was inspired by the desert. She kept looking at photos of desert butterflies and flowers and came up with a collection fit for a bohemian goddess. Looking at some of her designs I also see distinct references to Mexican culture as well. All of her influences melded together perfectly and she produced a beautifully cohesive collection. There also was a softer romantic vibe with this collection that I was digging. I have always loved this brand and they have been one of my faves for years and with this collection the winning streak continues.

Global Treasures

When it comes to my own personal decorating style I would say it is heavily influenced by tribal decor. Over the years I have collected an eclectic mix of items and I do mix them in with contemporary and traditional pieces, but I must admit I like my home to look like a cool collection of treasures from around the world. I guess the reason I like tribal decor so much because it consist of unique pieces that are not found usually in mainstream society. It helps me connect to a way of life so different than my own, but still rooted in my ancestral heritage. Now I do not want to cause any confusion. Tribal style is just a general term that pertains to all of the different cultures and tribes around the world from India, Asia, Latin America, Africa, Australia (Aborigine)  and even North America (Native American). I tried my best to list as many as I could off the top of my head so please forgive me for not listing them all.
While browsing online trying to find products to feature today I c…