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Alloy Apparel Has Some Of The Cutest Boots Of The Season

Alloy Apparel has been around for decades and I fondly remember being excited as a teenager when their catalog would arrive in the mail. I would spend hours flipping through the pages and checking off all the things I would buy. Back then they were more focused on the teen market but over the years they have expanded their offerings to accommodate adults. They also offer plus sizes and tall sizes for a majority of their items so there is something for everyone to love. One of my favorite things about Alloy is their fashionable collection of shoes each season that they offer at really affordable prices. Right now I am loving their trendy and cute boots that they are offering for the fall/winter season. Most of their boots are under $70.00 so, at those prices, you can buy a pair for you to rock or friends and family as holiday gifts.

My Favorites From The Belstaff Fall 2017 Collection

Ever since I was a child I have had a fascination with sailors so I was not surprised when I fell head over heels for Belstaff's FW 2017 collection. I don't know what is about sailors that have always caught my eye but what I can tell you is that they have the best uniforms of any servicemen. That says a lot because I generally detest uniforms and everyone looking and dressing the same but a sailor's uniform is so natty that I can't help but like it. The color combo of navy and white, the abundance of stripes, peacoats, and the beanies just naturally rock. Belstaff has a history of celebrating men and their uniforms and designing clothing with a hint of the past but with a modern edge. This collection continues with that theme by taking inspiration from sailors and aviators. The appealing thing about this collection is that I can see men wearing their offerings with confidence and without looking like a fashion victim or if they are trying too hard. The whole collecti…

My Favorites From The Alexandre Vauthier Fall 2017 Collection

Alexandre Vauthier has always been known to design sophisticated and elegant designs and with his collection for Fall 2017 he does not disappoint. He also found the perfect model, Bella Hadid, to showcase his chic collection. Even though the clothes were not made for her personally she brought them to life and help to execute his creative vision. My favorites from the collection were the plethora of pantsuits and the black sheer mesh dresses which represent my aesthetic perfectly. 

Art of the Day - Henrietta Harris


Get The Party Started In This Elie Saab Beaded Mini Skirt

When the temperature starts to drop I love to see all of the metallic, sequin, and shimmery creations come out to play. For some reason, the colder weather just seems perfectly suited for sparkly stunners. They tend to shine brighter during this season and Elie Saab's creations are always perfect for this reason. 

After the designer became the king of bridal couture he moved on to making gorgeous gowns and ready to wear for the rich and famous. I always love looking at his beautiful creations made with pretty and delicate fabrics that are adorned with a variety of embellishments. When I was browsing through his collections I fell in love with a metallic plaid beaded mini skirt. On the runway, it was originally styled with a floral print beaded bomber jacket. Even though I loved how it was originally styled I wanted to add my own flavor to it, so, I styled it for a cocktail party or a night out.

Get The Party Started In This Elie Saab Beaded Mini Skirt by latoyacl featuring nautica…

Update Your Home With Black And Gold

I have always loved the color combo of black and gold, it doesn't matter if it is clothing, accessories, or home furnishings, something about the combination just does it for me. It is eye-catching and always makes a statement together. Some may think it is a bit gaudy and over the top but that has always been a part of its appeal for me. It can give off so many different vibes from edgy to punk, and it can come off very masculine at times, but it can also be very sophisticated and chic. It just depends on your personality and specific style taste. 
Today I am featuring some of my favorite black and gold items for your home. Does the color combination suit your style?

Update Your Home With Black And Gold by latoyacl featuring floral accent pillows

Black and Gold Starburst Mirror (Buy Here)
Jonathan Adler Maxime Daybed (Buy Here)
Roberto Cavalli Salome Silk Cushion (Buy Here)
Williams-Sonoma Gold and Black Abstracts Set of 4 (Buy Here)
Heathfield & Co Crete Table Lamp Brass (Buy Her…

My Favorite Mesh Dresses For Fall

According to Wikipedia, " Mesh is a loosely woven or knitted fabric that has a large number of closely spaced holes." That is an accurate definition but in my mind mesh is the overlooked sister of tulle. They really closely resemble each other but tulle gets all of the attention because it is featured in fancier frocks and classic ballerina costumes. Mesh is more like the cooler, edgier sister that rebels and are usually associated with punk, urban, and sportier designs. The thing is mesh gets a bad rap because it can be just as sophisticated and pretty as tulle and luckily in the last few fashion seasons designers are starting to understand that. They are designing clothing that showcases mesh in all of its beauty and glory.