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Fashion Designer Rachel Zoe Wants To Help You Get Ready For Spring 2018

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It is February and the countdown to spring has begun. I know for some of us it might feel like it is a little early to think about spring fashion while we are still dealing with freezing temperatures and snow, but when it comes to fashion the earlier you plan the chances are you will get the most covetable items of the season. As we all know stores are already stocking up on new spring essentials and trends and if you wait until it is too late all the fabulous pieces will be gone and you're just left with the picked over items. 
The problem for me is that I hate the experience of shopping in stores. I hate pushy salespeople and the crowds, so I tend to do most of my shopping online for convenience. Another alternative is the plethora of subscription boxes that will deliver curated items right to your doorstep. The best thing abou…

Head Warmers

It is freezing cold outside today and all that is on my mind is that I need a couple of new hats. I have one trusty good hat but it does not go with all of my coats. So, I am a little late but it is time for me to shop for a few more quality options. Since I already have a utilitarian option one some variety with more fashionable and eye-catching options. If you are like me and waited until we are in the throes of winter then this post is perfect for you. 
Below are a few options that I am considering. 

Hollywood and Fashion Style Stars - My Best Dressed 2/1/18

Okay, I know it has been a while since I have showcased my favorite Hollywood and fashion style stars, so, today I decided to share some of my favorite outfits from the past couple of weeks. Today the ladies are the star of the show as they showcase fabulous frocks that I would love to own and have hanging in my closet.

My Favorites From The Brunello Cucinelli Fall/Winter Collection

What can I say about Brunello Cucinelli? I most definitely can say I have always loved the brand's designs. They always have had this roguish dapper vibe that I dig. It reminds me of a sexy librarian or professor with a slightly disheveled look. I just find the whole vibe so appealing. Plus, I'm a sucker for high-quality fabrics with a timeless design that you can wear now or pull out of your closet a decade from now and still look good and fashionable.

Art of the Day - Rick Rojnic

" Crystal  Manga " by Rick Rojnic. Oil on paper. To view more or to purchase visit

Artistic Stripes - My Favorite Black And White Skirts For Winter Under $100

By now you all know how obsessed I am with stripes, especially the black and white variety. Today I am showcasing some of my favorite black and white skirts for winter, but to be honest you could rock these beauties all year long and still look good. 

Artistic Stripes by latoyacl featuring a black and white outfit

For today's outfit of the day I was inspired by this cool illustration I found on Pinterest. Unfortunately, I could not find any information on the artist, medium, or title, so that sucks (if anyone is familiar with the work and has accurate information for attribution feel free to let me know in the comments so I can add it). I started my search for the perfect top that was close enough to match the one in the illustration, and I found the perfect one from Miss Selfridge and at a really good price too. Next up was finding a striped skirt with an artistic flair to go with the vibe I was getting from the artwork. The one I chose was the Galactic knit skirt and I like that …