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The 17 Most Stylish Looks From The Ralph Lauren Spring 2018 Collection

When it comes to New York fashion designers Ralph Lauren is the reigning king. His work and what he did for menswear is legendary. Even though he started from humble beginnings, throughout his career he has become known for designing classic and traditional clothing that represents the creme de la creme, blue bloods, and WASPs. This season he has stayed true to his design style but has expanded his range of offerings. Usually, he showcases mostly formalwear and suits. This season he introduced more sportswear and casual wear which was a welcome surprise.

Streaks Of Color

It is that time of year again when the music festival season has begun, and we all know the season doesn't officially start here in the States until Coachella. Coachella has to be the most famous music festival worldwide at the moment, and before I go any further, I have to give it to Queen B a.k.a Beyonce. She did her thing and represented. Her performance was amazing and I liked how her entire set showcased the many facets of Black excellence and how African Americans continues to set the trends, influence and contribute to the mainstream culture. It is unfortunate that it took this long for Coachella to have a black woman headline its festival hopefully they will continue to feature and give diverse artists more chances to be represented because in 2018 we should no longer be having firsts of this kind.
Now that I am older I started to think about how would I dress for a music festival. I wouldn't wear the same things I would have worn in my twenties or early thirties. Whi…

Art of the Day - Leo Wijnhoven

" Home Sweet Home " by Leo Wijnhoven. Oil on Canvas. To view more or to purchase visit

Spring Trends - Straw Bags

Hello, Spring? Are you there? When will you arrive? Why did you ghost me? 
All jokes aside. It is technically spring even if the weather hasn't figured it out yet. Today I am showcasing one of the biggest trends for spring which is the straw bag. You may have seen a few of your favorite style stars or bloggers rocking the look and you can too, especially since the stores are stocking up on them now. This is an easy trend to rock. Just find one that fits your style personality and budget and you are good to go.

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Art of the Day - Sehee Kim

" Geometry " by Sehee Kim. Oil on Canvas. To view more or to purchase visit

Feminine Nest - Pastel (Pink,Grey,Blue,Green)

Okay, I'm not usually a pastel kind of woman, but tis the season for all things in that color family and I am digging some pretty finds that are inspired by this home trend. 
Today's set are featuring pastel mint green, soft grey, baby blue and powder pink. My favorite way to work this trend is to incorporate into a contemporary setting. The combination complements each other without it being too frilly.

Viva Leather and Upholstered Wing Chair (Buy Here)
Uttermost Natural Beauties Botanical Prints S/4 (Buy Here)
Raine and Humble Velvet Pillows (Buy Here)
Lazy Susan Ombre Vase (Buy Here)
Lille Floral Ottoman (Buy Here)

Below are a few more pastel finds that have caught my eye that are perfect for your home!

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Art of the Day - VeeBee VeeBee

" Original Butterfly Painting On Glass: Smoke " by VeeBee VeeBee. Spray Paint On Glass. To view more or to purchase visit